Vladimir Truhlar


Vladimir Truhlar, Slovenian poet and theologian (Gorizia, 1912–Longomoso, 1977) was a professor of spiritual theology at the Gregorian, where he founded the Institute of Spirituality. His thought develops from K. Rahner and R. Guardini and is particularly enriched by V. Solov’ëv, Teilhard de Chardin, and other mystics, poets, and thinkers who were the object of his theological reflection. Truhler starts from the concreteness of human existence and accentuates the experience of the Absolute in it. His method is “rational-experiential” and corresponds to the experience of the Absolute that is a-categorical, a-thematic, so much so that it cannot be expressed in concepts but only with symbols. His poetry finds itself in line with his theology: theologically interpreting the aesthetic experience, it finds a privileged expression of the Absolute in the work of art.


Theology in Poetry